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During this Summer of 2019, our Foresee family of 5 will be headed back to Wuhan, China as part of the Let’s Start Talking Ministry (LST). Arianna, who was only 1 when we last lived in China, will be 10, while Micah will be 7, and little Jonah, 1. They are very excited to have this opportunity and we are thrilled to share with them the passion and joy of the Gospel and the call to share it with those who have never heard Jesus’ name. We fell in love with the people of China back in 2010-2011 when we spent a year witnessing to the people of Wuhan, and we have always felt God’s call to return to this wonderful country. We now feel that the time is finally right to once again go back and share His Word with the Chinese people in Wuhan.

We will be sharing our faith, one-with-one, with people who are interested in reading in English the Gospel of Luke. We are already training, studying, and in general, preparing weekly and praying daily for this great undertaking. We know this is a tall ordeal and that not everyone is able to go so we invite you to share in this ministry with us through your support. Above all, please pray for our family this year and also be prayerful about the financial support needed for this ministry. As a family, we need to raise $11,800 which will go toward the training, supervision, airfare, food, lodging, materials, and all working expenses for this LST project. In fact, without the collective fundraising through the LST ministries & projects all over the world, this mission would be even more difficult and expensive for our family on our own! Your contribution of ANY amount would be a great blessing to our family!

During this LST project, we will be focusing on three concepts: sharing Jesus, our family, and encouraging the host families living in Wuhan. As readers who are interested in improving their English come each day to read God’s Word, we will share with them the story of Jesus as well as our own salvation story as we share our native language with people who are eager to practice & listen. Please join with us and all the Let’s Start Talking teams this year as we ask His blessing on our efforts! Please begin praying for those individuals that we come in contact with that God will plant the seed. In China especially, the Lord’s harvest is plentiful, and we desire that you assist in His work WITH us. Thank you SO MUCH for literally ANY support that you can give. It will not be possible without you!


Jonathan, Stephanie, Arianna, Micah, and Jonah Foresee

ABOUT 2019 LST Projects

Since 1980, Let's Start Talking has been equipping and sending Christians into non-English speaking communities for the purpose of facilitating life-changing conversations. Since its inception in the home of Dr. Mark and Sherrylee Woodward, the worldwide demand for LST has continued to grow, first throughout Europe, and then in Asia, South America, and Africa. Let’s Start Talking’s mission and passion is to pursue Christ’s Great Commission by empowering Christians to advance the Kingdom of God in their communities and throughout the world.

As part of the LST mission team, I have committed to raise funds for the ministry. This money is used then to fund the recruiting, development, and support of all LST team members, as well as travel and project costs. Please give generously today and be a part of my team! And please pray for me and for my teammates that everything we do will bring glory to God.

Let’s Start Talking (LST) is a U.S. tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization and has exclusive legal control over contributions. Consistent with its status as a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization Let’s Start Talking does not refund donations. Consistent with IRS guidelines, LST affirms that no goods or services were provided in return for contributions. 

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