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LST Connect - LST Worker


This form is for LST Workers


Welcome to the LST Connect - LST's online connection point for life-changing conversations around the world! 

You're annual registration below provides you with all the tools and support you'll need:

  1. The LST Approach - A comfortable and effective way of sharing your life and faith
  2. Reader(s) - We'll match you with a Reader (one or more!) eager to connect with you.
  3. Training - Everyone in LST Connect can access LST's basic training; those new to LST and those just wanting to brush up on their skills!
  4. Support - Ongoing support from our staff

Everything we have to offer through LST Connect is yours for the rest of the year!

Once you register we will match you with a Reader based on how your availability matches theirs.  Once we make the match we'll ask you to contact the Reader and set up your first session.  At that point you can order an LST Workbook if needed.


If you are new to LST we want you to have an excellent experience and to approach these sessions confidently.  So, we'll provide you with some basic training on the LST philosophy and methodology.  After you register we'll send you information about the easiest way to get that training.  Your training costs is included in the suggested donation amount below!

LST Connect Worker - I want one or more online Readers.
FriendSpeak Worker - I need LST Basic Training.
LST Project Worker - I'm training with LST to serve at an international site.

Tell us your availability.  What day(s) are you most likely available to do LST sessions?  It will be up to you and your Reader to decide how often to meet.  We know there's a time difference to negotiate. :)  We'll match you with a Reader who has the same day(s) available but you'll need to work with them to nail down the specific day/time to meet.

I have a pre-arranged payment plan with LST (indicate below)
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