LST Virtual Conversation Project - LST Worker


This form is for LST Workers


Welcome to the LST Virtual Conversation Project!

  • This is a three-month project. 
  • Once you register we will match you with a Reader based on how your availability matches theirs.  Though we can not guarnatee a match, we'll do our very best to get you connected!!
  • Once we make the match we'll ask you to contact the Reader and set up your first session.  
  • You'll use LST Workbooks for your sessions. We anticipate that your Reader will have their own LST Workbook.  If they don't, we'll encourage them to contact the LST host in their city (most Reader will be recruited by LST hosts on site).  



Tell us your availability.  During the next three months, what day(s) are you most likely available to do LST sessions?  It will be up to you and your Reader to decide how often to meet.  We know there's a time difference to negotiate. :)  We'll match you with a Reader who has the same day(s) available but you'll need to work with them to nail down the specific day/time to meet.


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