2021 LST Connect and FriendSpeak Workers - Welcome!

You're in the right place! 

LST Connect is your connection point to the life-changing opportunities the Let's Start Talking Ministry (LST) has to offer online.  

You may be here to get connected to an LST-provided Reader.  You may be here to receive training and plug into a local FriendSpeak work.  Or, you may be jumping into Connect as a first-step toward using the LST approach on a short-term mission project.

Regardless of which opportunity brought you here, this is YOUR starting point and gateway!

On the next two pages you'll find the following:

  • A brief description of LST's expectations and commitments for Connect participants. 
  • A short fill-in form to gather the basic information LST needs to get you started on life-changing conversations.
  • A way to provide a donation so that your Reader can participate at no cost and so that LST can maintain an excellent level of service to you and your Reader.

Welcome aboard!


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